Bugatti Chronos: Gabungan Desain Asus dan ….. Yang Fantastis

Ketika kalian harus memilih, apakah kalian ingin memiliki mobil mewah pada tahun ini, atau sebuah smartphone bernama Bugatti Chronos dengan RAM 4 GB, layar 5,5 inci Quad HD, …… ?

bugattie chronos phone

Bugatti Chronos phone – Inspiration from Bugatti

Bugatti is a famous luxury car that many people want to get one, but it is hard to imagine a new smartphone under “Bugatti” brand. However, recently, a designer of Bugatti, Mladen Milic, has launched the smartphone’s design called Bugatti Chronos phone. The phone leaks a special design that takes the inspiration from the Bugatti car, expected to make a hit in next time with strong specs, especially 2.5D front panel and …

Other Bugatti Chronos specs contain 5.5-inch Quad HD display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and a USB Type-C port. The battery life (4020mAh) is strong enough for the heavy game that gives you at least 24 hours in playing with one charge. The Bugatti Chronos camera will give you the great feeling with 23MP on the rear and 16MP on the front for selfies. As Bugatti, the camera has the special shape like the front side of Bugatti car.

bugattie chronos phone

From the leaked images, the concept of Bugatti Chronos phone likes the combo of the ASUS gaming phone and LG G4. Besides, the section below the camera has some points same as the front side of a Bugatti car. From the of Bugatti design, you can see variety variants include metal, wood and aluminum unibody. Moreover, you may also realize some of the features from OnePlus vibe.

The dreaming phone with good price

In 2016, we will see more beautiful and special designs smartphone like Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 6, Asus Zenfone 3,..and, the Bugatti Chronos phone may be one of them. If the idea of Bugatti Chromos come for real, and with all specs it takes, we predict Bugatti Chronos phone price will be around $400-450. What do you think about the new concept named Bugatti Chronos phone? Please share with us!